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"Emily Carding is one of the UK's leading Shakespearean actors"

-The Stage

Emily Carding is an experienced Shakespearean actor, having appeared in versions of over twenty of Shakespeare’s plays, both on stage and screen. They hold a BA (hons) in Theatre Arts from Bretton Hall and an MFA in Staging Shakespeare from the University of Exeter.  Emily has, together with independent theatre company Brite Theater, created a number of challenging and innovative shows including Hamlet (an experience) and Richard III (A One Woman Show) both of which have won awards and rave reviews internationally. Both adaptations use the audience as characters within the play and create a truly immersive experience with very little other than actor, text, space and audience. Emily is also an accomplished screen actor, and played opposite Martin Freeman in the British horror movie hit, Ghost Stories.

In 2018 Emily was commissioned by London Science Museum to create a solo theatre piece inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Quintessence imagines a future where humanity has become extinct and must be recreated by an AI, using Shakespeare as a guide to the human spirit. This won the outstanding theatre award at Brighton Fringe in 2019. They are hoping to develop this piece further for digital media.

Emily is also a published creator of a number of highly popular Tarot decks including The Transparent Tarot and Tarot of the Sidhe, and author of esoteric works, including Faery Craft,(Llewellyn 2012) with So Potent Art: The Magic of Shakespeare due for release in July 2021 and Seeking Faery due out in early 2022.

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Quintessence is coming to the Bridge House Theatre, London on October 13th and to Upstairs at the Western, Leicester on October 29th!

For London, book HERE

For Leicester, book HERE

Seeking Faery available to pre-order HERE


This colorfully illustrated and designed pocket guide to the world of Faery will bring you face-to-face with pixies, will-o'-the-wisps, the tall and noble Sidhe, and so much more. Seeking Faery includes fascinating insights into the folklore and history of these magical beings and provides techniques for deepening your connection and developing honorable relationships with them.


Richard III (a one person show)

New covid-safe version of Brite Theater's multi award-winning show! The fourth wall has been utterly obliterated, as the audience take on the roles of all the other characters at Richard's party in this intimate, exciting, and moving production. Let Richard entertain you…but will you survive?

Coming to the Bridge House Theatre, London for one night only! Book HERE


It’s alive and it’s revived, Renaissance-style! Some Kind of Theatre present William Shakespeare’s Tragical History Of Frankenstein at the Edinburgh Horror Festival this October. Emily is delighted to playing multiple roles, including Professor Waldman.

William Shakespeare’s Tragical History of Frankenstein tells the familiar story of Renaissance man Victor Frankenstein and his creation, brought to life by talent, science and ambition. Witness their tragic downfalls in five acts with Shakespearean soliloquies and asides, literary conventions, and more. Revel in the Gothic tale given the Elizabethan treatment. Mary Shelley published Frankenstein 203 years ago. Now, William Shakespeare’s releasing the remake! Book HERE for this digital production.

So Potent Art


"'There are more things in Heaven and earth, Horatio...' and Emily Carding explains it all to you in this practical and informed new book. With a lovely wit and Shakespearean expertise, Carding shows how two seemingly unrelated subjects—magic and Shakespeare—are inextricably entwined and extraordinarily powerful."—Austin Tichenor, artistic director of the Reduced Shakespeare Company

Read more about Emily's latest book and order here

Emily is playing Margaret in this disturbing new play based on real events. March 1997, 39 bodies are found after taking part in a mass ritual suicide, under the instructions of the religious group, Heaven's Gate.

Who were those people, and what drove them to carry out such an extreme leap of faith?

Part of Brighton HorrorFest. Book HERE


Workshops and Lectures

Emily has run workshops and given talks on many subjects internationally, including Shakespeare, Tarot, Mythology, Alternative Spirituality and Folklore. Their most recent speaker event was the Hekate Symposium, where they explored the presence of the Goddess Hekate in Shakespeare's works. This was virtually attended by roughly 700 people around the world and was a huge success. More details here!

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